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  • Welcome to SecureTheseRights

    The name, as most of you know, comes from what I consider one of the great documents of human history, a true watershed, in which our forefathers asserted, and soon after established by force of arms, fundamental principles of Divine Law that underlie the great experiment in freedom under God that we call the United […]


    Brief Intro to TACTICAL CIVICS™ Please note, although I held the title of “co-founder” of the TC mission for several years, in February of 2022 David Zuniga the founder excommunicated me from his organization because of a disagreement about how to recruit militia into it, and nothing I say should be construed as representing the […]

  • Election Integrity

    A good friend and eager acolyte of the Tactical Civics plan for Constitutional law-enforcement, sent me a link to a speech about “Election Integrity”. I think it is probably a good one. Here is the link, and passcode, in case you have more time to watch it than I do. But maybe you should read […]

  • Khazarian and Other Mafias

    Ever since the failure of Schickelgruber’s little experiment, many people feel uneasy about being seen hating Jews. Some of them who want to, anyway, take refuge in a story about a kingdom in Central Asia a thousand years ago, called Khazaria, that did not want to ally itself with, and be swallowed up by, either […]

  • When “the Authorities” Will Not Enforce the Law

    Here is a link to a story about breakdown of rule-of-law. https://noticethenews.com/todaysnews/vigilantes-force-squatters-from-nyc-home-after-police-arrested-homeowner-mob-law-is-back/ In case the link goes bad, the story refers to a NYC homeowner who was arrested for changing the locks on a house she owned, after police once removed a squatter who had been occupying it. There are lots of problems with the […]

  • What is “Constitutional Law Enforcement”? Can Militia make arrests and hold trials?

    Our Constitution guarantees that indictments for serious crimes must come from a Grand Jury, which is a random drawing of we-the-people.  This process is intended to protect both against wrongful persecution by a vengeful self-appointed mob, and against corrupt officials or other powerful people protecting each other. A judge or prosecutor can choose to empanel […]

  • Three Legs

    Our civil society, our Republic, stands on the rule of law, not on the changing and arbitrary whims of men. And the Law stands on three legs. First is, well, The Law. We get the concept of Law from God. The universe runs on physical law, and cannot run without it. It cannot be broken. […]

  • “It’s illegal!”, they say

    Many people have brought to our attention a document titled,“Fact Sheet on Unlawful Militias in Virginia” (or other State),purportedly prepared by the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP) at Georgetown University Law . We have seen very similar versions for many of the StatesICAP’s text is in italics. As background, it must be understood […]

  • A Rose by Any Other Name

    To Muster or not to Muster or A Rose by Any Other Name I run a weekly open online discussion for anyone interested in Constitutional militia. One of our very welcome regulars is the commander of a numerous and very well-regarded group in central Virginia. This group is a few years old, now, and was […]

  • Constitutional Militia?

    Constitutional Militia? We hear the word, “Militia”, and we hear the phrase “Constitutional Militia”.Are they different? Is this a useful distinction, or is it only a way to sound bigger and better? “Militia”, at its most basic, just means people that have organized themselves under arms, but not a paid army under a national command. […]

  • Is Militia a Gang?

    I participated recently in a long and thoughtful online discussion on a forum frequented by people interested or involved in the “militia movement”. My contributions and positions are clearly identified. The other participants only by initials, which may not be their own. We can clearly see the broad divide between the notion that our institutional […]

  • 1871, et cetera

    I was very glad to be getting acquainted with a brother in the movement today, who brought up a point, versions of which I hear often, and want to address. That is the idea that our Constitution is somehow no longer in force, having been supplanted by some act in 1871 that altered our form […]