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Three Legs

Our civil society, our Republic, stands on the rule of law, not on the changing and arbitrary whims of men. And the Law stands on three legs.

First is, well, The Law. We get the concept of Law from God. The universe runs on physical law, and cannot run without it. It cannot be broken. Think of gravity. God also made Moral Law, for us. While in His infinite wisdom, He allows us to break it (not without consequences!), anyone can see that societies that disrespect it, fail. For any human-made rule to be true law, it must comport with God’s Law, and, in the USA, with our Constitution. We have on the books many laws that do, and too many that do not.

The second leg is a broad consensus on what that law is and what it means, People at large must understand it, and know and recognize its necessity and legitimacy. That, we do NOT have enough of, today. Most “sheeple” think that anything that somebody with a government job says is “law”, IS Law. Some see so much garbage wrongly called “law”, and see actual law so badly corrupted, that they think that law itself is bad, or is dead, and we have to make justice by violence…THAT is an oxymoron, and not a world any sensible person wants to live in. So we have to TEACH what good law looks like, where it comes from, how to distinguish it from bureaucratic bullshit and the lies of would-be tyrants.

The third leg is force. Sorry, but it is true. We always hope that mere availability of force, like the pistol on the cop’s hip (or Teddy Roosevelt’s Big Stick), is enough, and it does not need to be unholstered. But for those who have no respect for the Law, force has to be there. Our founders understood, and our Constitution specifies, that the preponderance of force capability in our Republic must rest with we-the-people, not with any standing army or instrumentality of the institutional government

Although there are a lot of patriots training, “we” do not now have the level of force capability, nor the required communication and coordination to apply it effectively. Most important, too few people understand that our Constitution requires that we-the-People, acting as Militia (and Grand Juries), are the final, necessary and lawful check on rogue government. It MUST be emphasized that application of force without public consensus that it is, in fact, an operation of law, will only contribute to chaos, and feed the totalitarian globalists’ lie that Patriot = vigilante=terrorist.

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