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You are also welcome if militia is an unfamiliar concept to you, or seems like a dangerous one.  All questions are welcome; I ask only that your mind be open to a little history and to the wisdom of our Constitution.

This is the place to bring questions or reports that you want to share with a live, open forum.

I have hoped to see this conference split into two: one for folks new to or just getting used to the idea, and one for those actively in the process and wanting to share their own processes, successes, and obstacles.  I do not want to bore anyone familiar with what we are doing with repeated introductions for new participants. Perhaps two conferences will not be needed if this web-site can provide introduction and background.

If We-the-People do not begin this process soon, I think the war for our rights and rule-of-law will be lost, regardless of how many battles we win.

I am no expert on any militia-related subject, however I have been working with groups all over for several years, on the process for Constitutional recognition, which makes it possible for militia to serve in its full Constitutional role, and be the point of the spear in the restoration of our Republic.

I also wrote a book called  An American Militiaman’s Handbook, (find the link on our “Shop” page) as a very brief overview of the history, functions, and structure of Constitutional militia in today’s America.  I also wrote the Ordinance that can put your group into its lawful Constitutional role, and allow you to begin  the restoration of our rule of law in your own County.

I hope to use this event to encourage patriots to start or join Militia,  existing groups to enhance their effectiveness, and  to build a community  that  will have a lot of knowledge and ability to help others.

Please invite any others who you think will be interested.

Questions and discussion of any vaguely militia-related subject are welcome, only remember that our beloved Big Brother is, we sincerely hope, listening in.

Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone who you think may be interested.

E-mail me at securetheserights@protonmail.com to get a personal invitation each week, and notice if I have to cancel.



I will post when and where I will be speaking in public here..and maybe other events that may be of interest