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Here is a page to find answers to questions. Please read the few I have already answered before asking yours, but don’t hesitate to ask a new one. Use the “leave a reply” box below!


1 Tactical Civics?

There is no official connection between Tactical Civics(TM), a unit of the AmericaAgain(TM) Trust, both founded and run by David Zuniga of Texas, and Secure These Rights, the project of John Leyzorek of West Virginia..

Of course, that is not the whole story.

John discovered the Tactical Civics plan and organization in 2017, and quickly recognized it as a uniquely lawful, comprehensive, and practical plan to restore our Republic to the design of its Founders, secure our freedom, and perhaps even rescue our civilization. He joined.
Over the next two years, John worked closely with TC Founder David, and made sufficiently significant contributions to its plan and messaging that David gave John the title of co-founder. John spent a lot of time in the general task of teaching about the mission, answering questions, delivering TC’s weekly podcasts together with David and occasionally alone, and travelling to speaking engagements on behalf of the organization.

John’s major programmatic contribution was to elucidate from our founding documents a path to legal legitimacy for contemporary Militia under our Constitution, and to delineate the legal process by which Militia can claim that Constitutional status, and proceed to recapture its lawful and necessary role in defending our Republic and its rule of law.

John’s major role within the TC organization became teaching that process. John wrote the book American Militia 2.0 (David’s choice of title), subtitled An American Militiaman’s Handbook .

Although ultimately George Mason’s characterization of American Militia as “the whole People..” must be brought back to reality, John believed that the Americans who will initially restore militia in its Constitutional role will be found in the existing militia movement, fraught with internal division, demonized by the media, and lacking clear direction ‘though it has been.

John feels that his confidence in the men and women who have made this costly commitment is being well repaid, as more and more of them learn the truth about the law and find new hope from the Tactical Civics plan.

Nonetheless, David decided in early 2022 for reasons of his own that his organization must not work with or be associated in any way with the contemporary militia movement. He told John to end his work with them. John expressed that his commitment was to the Constitution and the principles of our Founders that it embodied, to the mission of tactical civics rather than to David’s organization by that name. He was quite willing to work with Tactical Civics Chapters and with any new militia or similar groups that might meet with David’s approval, but would not abandon his own work. David expelled John from the Tactical Civics organization for what he called “insubordination”, but John considers using his own best judgement to advance the mission.

The work of Secure These Rights is still what John began as a co-founder of Tactical Civics. It is in no way in conflict with that visionary organization and plan; indeed it is only focused on the first stage of it, and cannot get the whole job done, if this work does not feed into the larger plan called Tactical Civics.

2 Militia is against the law….isn’t it?

You will find this question treated in much greater depth elsewhere on this site, but briefly: The oldest definition of Militia is merely, the collective exercise of the God-given and unalienable right of self-defense. That right is recognized in the Constitution, in the Declaration of Independence, and in Scripture. No law can be valid that abrogates a fundamental right.

The word “necessary” appears only once in our Constitution, describing Militia. One of the most basic principles of American law is that any supposed “law” repugnant to the Constitution is void.

3 Will I get “on a list”?

If you are a patriot, if you are conservative, if you attend public meetings, if you express opinions that differ from the mainstream, you are already on “lists”. If you are not yet, you soon will be. And none of this process of surveillance and targeting of law-abiding citizens is lawful.

But it is happening. History teaches, and globalist “leaders” openly declare, that dissenters will be suppressed or eliminated.

Tolerating creeping totalitariansm is complicity, and not morally acceptable. Hiding is not possible. It takes you out of the fight. It is another form of complicity.

Our only hope of safety lies in winning the struggle to restore the rule of law, which requires that we teach, advocate, and organize.
Ben Franklin said, “We must hang together. Or we will assuredly hang separately.”

4 Who is behind Securetheserights?

John Leyzorek is a father, teacher, engineer, farmer, and freedom-fighter.

He moved to an off-grid mountain farm in West Virginia at the end of the 1980’s, seeking to realize his dream of what manufacturing engineers call “vertical integration” and preppers call self-sufficiency. He sought this not only for its survival value, but as a way of life by which to teach his children where everything comes from, how to see the Law and Providence of God in all things, and to connect emotionally to the whole of human history.

Trying to engineer a righteous and frugal way of life and find a place in a new community, John came up hard against the difference between the beautiful and Godly conceptions in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the sordid reality of the modern administrative state. He learned about what is and is not Law, studying, arguing, and litigating several issues pro se all the way to the Supreme Court of West Virginia, and acquired a deep commitment to the Founders’ dream of a Constitutionally limited Republic, under good law, serving responsible citizens.

He realized that there is no hiding from the ills of the world. We must be a part of the solution.

5 The Site This web-site would not exist without the kindness, skill, and patience of my son Abram.

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