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SecureTheseRights is a project, and a forum, dedicated to the consequences of certain propositions: 

First, that the sole legitimating purpose of government is to secure the rights of the governed.

Second, that our Republic, the United States of America, is unique in the history of the world, as the only organized society based on the moral principle that we belong to ourselves, based in turn on the fact that God made each of us, gave each of us life, and recognizes our individual rights to make our own decisions and bear the consequences.

Third, that Divine Law, sometimes called Natural or Universal Moral Law is something real, it is woven into the fabric of existence as surely as the Law of Gravitation. Human law is valid only to the extent that it conforms to and subserves Divine Law. This is non-coincidentally analogous to the principle that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States John Marshall established in Marbury v Madison, that “a law repugnant to the Constitution is void”.

Fourth, by our Constitution, We the People designed, ordained and established a government calculated to serve the principles set forth in our Declaration of Independence. In and under that Constitution, our freedom becomes enforceable law, AND we reserve to ourselves the authority and duty to enforce it.

Our abject generational failure to do so, is the cause of the distresses that plague our country, and threaten freedom all over the world.

The consequence is, we must do it ourselves.

Secure These Rights exists to discuss and teach the lawful and practical way to do so, and most importantly, to galvanize and organize us into action.

You will find the opportunity to read and discuss many important related issues and concepts in the Blog section, and many useful tools in the Files