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When “the Authorities” Will Not Enforce the Law

Here is a link to a story about breakdown of rule-of-law.

In case the link goes bad, the story refers to a NYC homeowner who was arrested for changing the locks on a house she owned, after police once removed a squatter who had been occupying it.

There are lots of problems with the story, both the events and the reporting.

Let’s start with True Law. Property. If I own it, you don’t. That way, things are clear. The fruits of my labor are kept safe by “society” = Law = you-and-me collaborating . If you want what I have, we can try to work out a peaceful, mutually satisfactory agreement under which I sell it to you, if we can’t, that is that, You can shop elsewhere.

Today in this country, certain misguided or maybe wicked office-holders are subverting this model. Shoplifting is not prosecuted, home invaders’ interests are upheld over property owners’.

Everyone should remember my ten-cent lecture about law standing on three legs (if you don’t, it’s another blog article on this web-site). These anti-property acts cannot be Law, because they violate Divine or natural Law. So you might say that the “vigilante” evictions are actually acts of law-enforcement, not “vigilantism”.

Tim draws a very interesting parallel with the Mafia. Mafia arose in Sicily long ago, because the corrupt government failed to protect the common people. Leaders arose who determined to provide this protection…by any means necessary. Because “Law” was a government monopoly/playground in that time and place, actions to protect local people were by definition outside the “law”, so ALL elements of law (like “Thou Shalt Not Murder”) were ignored. Bad law drove out good law, you might say. With the concept of law demonized, self-interest became the only law, and Mafia evolved to the criminal syndicate we know today.

Our self-protection = People-s Law Enforcement = Militia need not (must not!) evolve (devolve) this way, for several reasons.

First and most important, our 1776 Revolution ESTABLISHED THE PRINCIPLE that law and government exist TO SECURE OUR RIGHTS (not for the convenience of rapacious elites). That gives us a clear and simple test for what can, and what cannot, be law, in our system: “Does it secure the rights of the individual”?

Second, Militia and its necessity, and its authority to execute the Law, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions, are found in black and white in our Constitution. Our authority to protect ourselves, our property, and our communities is no shadowy surreptitious hope, it is THE LAW.

Third, we can and must teach these principles and prove our good-will in our communities until our local governing body explicitly provides the support and recognition that our State and federal governments neglect (out of their own corrupt self-interest). And we can and must do our defensive job with meticulous respect for the due-process (trial, not knee-capping!) that protects us all from our own human fallibility.

2 responses to “When “the Authorities” Will Not Enforce the Law”

  1. Citizen Militias served their purpose back in late 1990’s. After the Waco, Texas incident, Citizen Militias all across the Nation sent a leter to Congress telling Congress that we would not tolerate any more assassinations of Americans. It stated that We would use Lawful Defensive Force to protect the American People from government agents using illegal and unlawful force. It put a stop to domestic terrorism temporarily. Now the governments are trying to pass illegal and unlawful legislation to make militias and training illegal. I choose to ignore these laws because any laws repugnant to the Constitution can be considered null and void. Marbury vs. Madison

    • I was not aware of the letter you refer to, but the result sounds good.
      Self-defense is a God-given right, but our government should not be allowed to act like a thug we have to physically defend against.
      We should indeed ignore lawless enactments, but as long as government holds a preponderance of force, and as long as people believe law-enforcement is or should be a government monopoly, we are playing catch-up in a rigged game.

      The only way we can return and hold our government servants to their Constitutionally-defined limits, is to prosecute them when they wander out of them. The only way that will happen is if we lawfully assert OUR authority to enforce that law. Militia is one of the People’s organs to do that (Grand Jury is the other), but in order NOT to contribute to chaos and play into the hands of statist propaganda, we have to unambiguously identify ourselves as the militia we recognize and declare to be “necessary” in the Constitution. The way to do this is by the Ordinances we provide.

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