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Please note, although I held the title of “co-founder” of the TC mission for several years, in February of 2022 David Zuniga the founder excommunicated me from his organization because of a disagreement about how to recruit militia into it, and nothing I say should be construed as representing the current status or official position of that organization. Notwithstanding this sad incidence of “patriot fragmentation sydrome”, TC is a project of enormous value, which this effort exists to support.

Our Republic, the United States of America, is unique in the history of the world, as the only organized society based on the principles that we belong to ourselves, because God made each of us, gave each of us life, and recognizes our individual right to make our own decisions and bear the consequences.

When we left the British Empire and built our own political structure, we built it on these facts, and on a deep knowledge of history and human nature. We created a watershed in history with our explicit statement, in our Declaration of Independence, that government’s sole legitimizing purpose is to secure the rights of the governed. With our Constitution, we built ours, to protect the freedom God gave us.

That freedom, the system we built to defend it, and the prosperity it has allowed us to achieve, have been beacons to the whole world, for two centuries.

All this is threatened now, ultimately by our own laziness and cowardice. We are unfaithful to the principles our Founders cherished. We allow powerful interests to corrode our culture and steal our freedom. This struggle is as old as civilization, but we have been losing it, for a century and a half.

By the familiar combination of Divine Providence and hard work, a small group scattered around the country has developed a comprehensive plan, and begun a movement, to awaken us from, and teach us to repair, our dereliction. This is an engineered schedule of peaceful, lawful actions and reforms that will bring our government back under the control, and to the service, of We, the People who created it, and will go on to allow us to heal our civilization.

The plan and organization are called TACTICAL CIVICS™

Our first action must be to revitalize the only, and the essential, law-enforcement mechanisms specified in our Constitution but never yet deployed for the purpose. Article I Section 8 Clause 15 names the Militia as responsible for executing the laws of the Union, that is, the Constitution and all other law made in conformity to it. Militia is all of us. It must operate with recognition and regulation by, and coordination with government. But because Militia is We the People who ordained that government, it has the authority and duty to enforce the Law against officials and agencies, as much as against private individuals. The Constitution calls for specific support and coordination of Militia by the Congress and the States, but since both are in persistent violation of these duties, we provide an Ordinance, based on the Declaration’s reversion principle, which commits local government to lawfully perform them. Militia must eventually replace all the vast unconstitutional, endemically corrupt and incessantly warmongering, terrorist alphabet agencies and military-industrial complex, but when first re-established it will be paid law-enforcement’s best friend, as long as the paid guys stay within the Law.

Most important, violating the Constitution will no longer be a crime that every official gets away with.

Directing Militia in this task, the Grand Jury is an institution a thousand years old, which we inherit from English Common Law, incorporated and required by our Constitution. Corrupt judges and prosecutors have made it a lap-dog, but we will educate the people to know their essentially unlimited power to investigate crime and hand down indictments, once seated as Grand Jurors, and we support the process through another Ordinance.

Revitalized Militia (all of us and our neighbors) will be able to arrest criminals however powerful, upon indictment by the Grand Jury, and force their lawful trial. No more will corrupt officials and agencies protect each other, as they ignore and pervert the Law, and eat out our substance.

Beginning our reformation at the local level is essential, because not only our federal government apparatus but our states are too deeply corrupted to be brought back under the Law by any amount of mere persuasion. And freedom, like tyranny, is local. We can make the vicious ambitions of the globalists irrelevant in our own communities, NOW.

But once We the People reclaim the Law as Grand Juries and the sword as Militia in enough communities, and a critical mass of other citizens see the functioning value of applied, correct American civics, State legislatures purged of criminals will be ready to cooperate in TACTICAL CIVICS™’s next effort.

It is called Our First Right. It seeks to complete ratification by the States, of the original First Article in the Bill of Rights, which guarantees Congressional Districts of less than 50,000 people. This will bring real representation to most of the country, which now effectively belongs only to the culturally bankrupt big cities. This, on top of Constitutional law-enforcement, will purge Congress of career parasites, and encourage ordinary decent people to run, be elected, and give us true self-government, rather than rule by paid lackeys of industry and of the globalists. Small districts will lower the cost of a campaign to an affordable level with no room for dirty money.

Fourth stage: One Congressman for each 50,000 citizens adds up to over 6,400, which will not fit in the Capitol building in D.C . Most of our new Representatives will have run on a promise to pass our Bring Congress Home Act, which will create the world’s first distributed legislature: Congress will meet by Internet, each Representative and Senator from his or her own sole, small office in their own district, under the watchful eye of the People whom they represent, not in DC wining and dining with the lobbyists. Honest men and women will no longer have to abandon their families and businesses and work in the cesspool of D.C., to serve us for limited terms in Congress.

Complementing functioning Grand Juries and Militia, working to keep straight our decriminalized Congress is our Indictment Engine. This mechanism possibly run as an artificial-intelligence app, will test every proposed law in the country against the Constitution and the laws of the State in which its sponsors reside. If a proposed “law”, or other government action, violates the law, the Grand Jury in the appropriate jurisdiction will be informed, and the violator will withdraw it, or face prosecution.

Beyond these five major actions, TC has a laundry-list of further reforms for the new, truly representative Congress to pass, to end the theft-by-counterfeiting of our money, to sunset lawless agencies, to end our global bullying and our subsidy of tyrants, to protect our borders, and more.

All the details, and a large library of legal and historical references, can be found through the organization,, or through the person who sent you this outline. This is not pie-in-the-sky. This is not revolution. This is merely enforcement of the magnificent system of law that our forefathers were inspired to create for themselves and their posterity.

No mass-movement or leader can rescue our civilization. But YOU can start this sea-change, YOU can put your finger in the dike that protects most of what we hold dear, by founding your own Tactical Civics Chapter or similar education and advocacy group in your own County, and pursuing legal recognition of your militia group.. if you need to found one, read my book An American Militiaman’s Handbook.

Go to, or e-mail, to begin.

John Leyzorek April 2022

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  1. Thank-you Sir for Everyrhung you’ve done to help our Republic and thank-you for everything you’ve taught me over the years,Please keep up the good work Sir

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