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What is “Constitutional Law Enforcement”? Can Militia make arrests and hold trials?

Our Constitution guarantees that indictments for serious crimes must come from a Grand Jury, which is a random drawing of we-the-people.  This process is intended to protect both against wrongful persecution by a vengeful self-appointed mob, and against corrupt officials or other powerful people protecting each other.

A judge or prosecutor can choose to empanel a GJ, or we-the-people can petition a judge that one be empaneled. Among other things, our Grand Jury Ordinance makes clear that empaneling a GJ is non-discretionary on the part of the judge (he cannot refuse). If we-the-people think something needs to be investigated, no servant should be able to tell us, “No, it doesn’t”.

Once the judge receives the petition, he orders the clerk to draw a panel from the jury pool (list of qualified citizens), and the judge swears them in.  Neither judge, prosecutor, or anyone else can tell a GJ what or whom it may or may not investigate, or disband it before the GJ is satisfied that its work is done.

If there is heavy stuff and powerful people to investigate, there are many places where GJ may need assistance or protection, that the paid guys (police, sheriff dept, etc) my be unwilling or unable to provide.  That is one place where recognized Constitutional militia is essential to the process.

Militia can, if needed, execute search or arrest warrants, or subpoenas.

Once a suspect has been indicted, fair and open trial must proceed through the court system.  We must uphold due process for all. But Grand Jury will be there to immediately investigate any irregularities, with militia to back them up. 

The militia we are talking about has, of course, broad and deep, diligently earned community support, which is how it got our  Militia Ordinance passed to recognize its Constitutional character and authority.  Militia’s public information officer will make sure that any suspected irregularities in court operation (efforts to protect cronies) are appropriately publicized to add public pressure.

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