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Election Integrity

A good friend and eager acolyte of the Tactical Civics plan for Constitutional law-enforcement, sent me a link to a speech about “Election Integrity”. I think it is probably a good one. Here is the link, and passcode, in case you have more time to watch it than I do. But maybe you should read the rest of this article before you decide if, in fact, you do.

Passcode: DClements60624!

This was my reply to his e-mail:

  I am sure it is interesting.  I watched a few minutes of Clements talking about a letter (?) he received from his university president.  He seems like a smart and well-intentioned man.

I do not have time to watch over an hour of talk about how to restore election integrity.  The long musical intro really makes me wonder if JBS (John Birch Society, producer of the video) is not now controlled opposition. 

Election integrity is so simple, should take a minute or less to describe HOW.  Paper ballots, identifiable citizens only cast them, chain-of custody watched by as many people as possible, public hand-counting on live video. Done. I’ll take my $50,000 speaking fee in US silver cons, please, at face value.

The question is, does political will exist to HAVE honest elections?  We know the power structure has discovered that their monopolistic control of the process allows them to game them any way they  like, and hold power forever.

But “political will” means individuals standing up.  It could mean a number of things. Make transparent election processes a campaign issue (throw out the computer voting machines). Then it could mean YOU or ME spending a shift at the polls looking over the clerks’ shoulders to be sure that only the properly registered vote.  It could mean a militia squad standing at the polls all day and then searching and following the vehicles used to transport ballots to the counting location. It must mean Grand Jury investigation and indictments of people suspected of past election corruption.

Erudite, passionate jawboning ain’t gonna get it done.  The hour that could be spent listening to it, could be better spent working on assembling a group and building its reputation in the community, so that it can do the actual work of assuring integrity.

“They” do not want integrity.   Unless enough of us want it enough to ourselves make it happen, it won’t.

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