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Khazarian and Other Mafias

Ever since the failure of Schickelgruber’s little experiment, many people feel uneasy about being seen hating Jews.

Some of them who want to, anyway, take refuge in a story about a kingdom in Central Asia a thousand years ago, called Khazaria, that did not want to ally itself with, and be swallowed up by, either the Byzantine (Christian Roman) Empire, or the Moslem world. Their king wanted to identify with a respectable, Western tradition, that was neither of them.

He chose to convert his kingdom to Judaism. I here offer no comment on the wisdom or ramifications of this decision for his people, or on the veracity of the story. But some today embrace it. They say that most of the people who now call themselves Jews, are not descendants of the ancient tribes of Israel, but of the Khazars.

This is convenient for someone who wants to hate Jews but still think of himself as a Christian, since Jesus was himself of the House of David and the tribe of Judah; and almost all of His teachings are deeply rooted in the Jewish tradition of His time. The modern self-styled Christian, who nonetheless wants to hate him some Jews can say, “Of course I venerate the Hebrews, the People of my Messiah, but these Jews are not them!”

A little more history. When Judaism got started, all the other peoples of the world were pagans, many goddess-worshippers. The monotheistic and patriarchal revolution that the worship of Jehovah represented, was an existential threat. The (now we call them Biblical) ideas that God knows and loves each of us individually, that each of us has supreme value and unalienable rights as His children, were intolerable threats to the collectivist, authoritarian, human-sacrificing societies that surrounded the Jews. Everybody hated the Jews.

Five thousand years have passed. The Jewish notion of personal relationship with God reached an unimaginable pinnacle in Christianity……which in its early years struggled to separate itself from its Jewish roots to escape the already ancient cloud of hatred that followed the older faith. One might imagine with longing, how different history might have been, if more influential Christian thinkers had understood that the pagan world hated them AND the Jews for exactly the same reasons, and had fostered a sense of common cause. Of course there are Christians today who understand, and do, this.

But today “the World” and the Powers outside our communities of faith, are as dangerously and disgustingly pagan as Canaan was when Israel arrived there from Egypt. And we are still a threat to them. Less numerous than Christians, Jews are still a useful group for our would-be globalist masters to teach us to focus our fear and hatred on, to divide us, and misdirect us from our real enemies.

Is there a today a “Jewish mafia”, a real reason to fear and hate Jews?

The Italian Mafia arose in Sicily, among people who were oppressed in many ways by the rulers of their island just off the toe of the Italian boot. “The Law” (actually, just power, not true Law) was in the hands of the oppressors. Justice, even safety, were unobtainable

True Law, of course, is in everyone’s heart, put there by God. So a few strong and bold Sicilians decided they would make their own justice, protect their own, with force. The justice they felt in their hearts was better than a public “law” that was seen as totally corrupt.

But that is a dangerous way for fallen men like us to think. It is easy for us to confuse the whisperings of Divine justice in our hearts, with the lesser lusts that also live there. And proper disrespect for a corrupted human sham that wears the title of “law”, easily slides sideways into lack of respect for true Law. So the champions of the people devolved into a criminal enterprise, which some Sicilians brought with them into their new home in America.

Good people recognize today’s Mafia as wicked and dangerous. But, a few jokes aside, we do not, and are not encouraged to, hate Italians.

Jews, in a world run by badly-educated Christians-in-name-only, were surely often oppressed and in danger, as were the Sicilian peasants A few, barred from owning land and from many more-respectable trades, strove to build financial power. Their historic devotion to study of their Scriptures made them literate when few non-Jews were. Some worked as rent-collecters for lazy aristocrats, and received the hatred that the actual landlords may have deserved. Some lent money as a trade, and a few became so rich that spendthrift kings borrowed money from them. Defaulting (and worse) was so convenient, when the king could justify it by demonizing his Jewish creditors.

Did some Jews build secret power structures supported by covert violence, like the Mafia? I do not know. But if they did, they had the same reasons, and the crimes of a few are no reason to hate or fear Jews in general, any more than the undoubted existence of the Italian mafia is a reason to hate your Italian gardener or pizza-maker.
It may be necessary here to address the libel of “Jesus-killer”.
As I recall the Old Testament, God gave the Jews a homeland. There are some who consider the modern country of Israel illegitimate, but I do not think there is any real controversy about where that homeland was.

To say that the Jews killed Jesus is like saying, “The Americans killed Kennedy” The actual crucifixion was performed by Roman soldiers under Roman command, the global/globalist power of the day. Yes, the Jewish Temple power structure was corrupt, neither less nor more than most modern established church power structures. Jesus called it out (as Kennedy called out the CIA). Many of the powerful priests and lackeys of the Temple power structure were trying to keep their power by compromising with the Roman occupiers.

That is evil, and failing to recognize the legitimacy of Jesus and His teaching was wicked.

But to fasten the guilt for this on ALL Jews, for a hundred generations, is just stupid..and vicious…and unhistorical….and plays into the hands of today’s wicked globalists by causing division and hostility between the two peoples who both love and honor God and His commandments, most to the best of their sincere, but necessarily imperfect, understanding and ability.

Hating Jews has a long and rich historical tradition. It has great mythic power and appeal. It is irresistibly useful for a wicked pagan power structure, that is threatened by God and His people and true morality, and needs division and distraction among its natural opponents, those trying to understand and to follow His Law.

But there is a general point that must be brought out here. God made individuals, and sees them as such, not groups. Put a box around any group of people (make a “group”, random or defined by any characteristic you choose). All will be fallen, imperfect. Some of the group will be trying to be good, some will be determinedly and proudly wicked, most will be in the middle.

God does not condemn them all to the same fate merely because of the group label. Neither should we. We must ally ourselves with the “good”, teach the middle, and protect ourselves against the wicked, treating each individual as he individually deserves, and not because of his membership in some “group”.

So conscientious enforcement of true Law, equally for and against each man or woman, on a local basis where we can most clearly see them as individuals, is the solution for trouble from random thugs or organized thugs, thugs who all wear funny skullcaps or tall mitres, or blue helmets, or none. Focus on the individual, and his actions. Not on labels.
This is what is meant by the depiction of Justice as blind, blind to random irrelevant distinctions among people, like origin and color and confession of faith; judging only by the Law, that requires the same righteous behavior of all men and toward all men.

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