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My Most Essential Prep

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My Most Essential Prep

(Originally written for the excellent website

Blissful ignorance is not for us. We look at the folks buying tonight’s supper and no more at the grocery store, at those “stocking up” with two loaves of bread and a gallon of milk before a storm, with indulgence if we are kind, alarm if we are caring, or contempt if we are proud.

WE have a generator and a shed-full of cans of stabilized gas; WE have months worth of MRE’s, and #10 cans of wheat for a year (not quite sure how to cook it), heirloom seeds for that “forever” garden, TWO four-wheel drive vehicles, a closet full of rifles and … many thousand rounds of ammo?

How about spark plugs for the 4×4’s and the genny? How about a spare ECM or two…or condenser and ignition coil for that “EMP-proof” antique? And what if a ‘coon gets over the wire and past the hail of bullets (or if you were sleeping) and you get NO seed-corn from your first planting?

How much ammo will your wife and daughter be able to carry under fire to your foxhole, so you can keep the drug gang or the UN at bay, when the other guys (your fair-weather blood-brothers) in your fire team did not show up?

How long do you REALLY think it will take for things to get back to a comfortable “normal”, or even to a survivable year-1900 level, after the starving mobs and clueless do-it-youselfers have burned and looted all the power plants, after the old farmers who knew how to get it done without air-conditioned tractors and Round-Up have been killed for their stored salt and cow feed, or after China has come, with blue helmets on, and started clearing out us round-eyes to make way for their Master Race?

We both know we are tough, and savvy…but we both know, if we are honest, that it is not really enough, not near enough, if the bottom really drops out, as very well it could.

But there is one essential prep that I have not mentioned. You could call it, “the Constitution”. What the hell does that sad rag have to do with SURVIVING?, you ask?

Our highest human Law is what has made our comfortable prosperity possible, the prosperity that has allowed us to buy all that ammo and all those MRE’s. It has allowed continent-wide cooperation, without much tyranny, to provide the roads, the power plants, the trains carrying all that wheat, the courts that keep most folks on their own property and out of yours.

YES, the “system” is badly bent, deeply corrupted by human evil, a party-pad for career criminals. But as bad as it is, it is keeping lots of folks that we love (who are not as tough as we are) ALIVE, and if we are honest, probably us as well. And, though it is bent almost beyond recognition, I am here to tell you it is not past fixing. All the “tools”, “parts” and “instructions” are already to hand, in our founding documents, and a small but growing group of patriotic Americans has put together the tutorial on how to get it done. We CAN get our Republic back, get our freedoms back, get honest money back, get accountability back, if just a few of us stand up, and work together.

TACTICAL CIVICS™ is the name for the group and the program. TC has lawful, peaceable, workable plans to turn Congress from a corrupt House of Lords working for the globalists, to our hometown servants getting our minimal business of national cooperation done; to actually make all government employees as accountable to the Law as you and I are; to bring just and sure enforcement of our good laws and borders into the hands of the good people; and to reverse a century and a half of stolen rights and elite parasitism.

We may well need those beans, bullets, and band-aids. No responsible person should be without them. But no responsible person can really believe that they are enough. Even Davy Crockett traded, across hundreds of miles, with a network of people, for lead, powder, the gun, the knife, the flint, fish-hooks, and maybe somebody he loved one day needed a doctor, and even this much of society is quite seriously at risk today.

The best, the most essential prep is to try to keep our Rule-of-Law going. More than that; to restore the Republic that inspired the world, that was explicitly established to secure the rights of The People; get the criminals out of the driver’s seat, and get our glorious America back again. Invest half an hour to read about TACTICAL CIVICS™. Join. Save your family, and maybe even yourself.

By John Leyzorek

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