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International Day of Protest, Brotherhood, and Boycott

International Day of Brotherhood, Protest, and Boycott

Someone posted a lengthy and bountifully-illustrated announcement of a globally-coordinated event, intended to straighten it all out. Protests all around the world, a five-day boycott of, well, everything, since it all comes from those wicked global corporationsI That’ll show ’em, by Golly!

I hate to piss on anyone’s birthday-cake, but this is SILLY.

Okay, we stock up, then HOLD OUR BREATH FOR FIVE DAYS….then go back to our accustomed dependency.

Exactly who is supposed to do exactly what in response to this? Why should the big-shots pay attention?

“Oh, the peasants are whining in front of the castle againI How tiresome!”

If we were ALL planting gardens and learning practical home-industry trades and skills, and were content to go back to the material conditions of 200 years ago, maybe.

Globally, there is not a heck of a lot we can do in the short term. Most of the world is still, as of old, the playground for predators and tyrants.

But America is, or ought to be, DIFFERENT, because of the words we said and backed up with blood 250 years ago.

In America, violation of our God-given rights is a CRIME, whether it is committed by a delinquent with a switchblade in an alley, or by a senile pervert with a fancy government job title in a $1,000 suit in a mansion. In America the government is OURS, exists to secure our rights, and we need not tolerate deviation from that task.

If your car rolls down the hill and through the neighbors’ kitchen, do you write it letters and march and beg? Do you toss in a Molotov cocktail? (sorry, neighbor) Or do you tow it to the garage and fix the parking brake?

Our Founders not only asserted our rights, and built a limited government to secure, not trample them, but TOLD US HOW to keep it in line: Constitutional Law Enforcement. People pay attention when you put them in jail.

We can begin building the process of Constitutional law-enforcement, according to the blueprint in our founding documents so wonderfully elucidated by the Tactical Civics plan, in our own County or home-town. We…that includes YOU, can start today. Find another person who cares, and share the plan.

We KNOW now how to get this done, Please , do not get distracted!

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