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Do You Want It The Hard Way?

Do You Want it the Hard Way?

We have been saying over and over, for years now, in slightly different forms, that the restoration of our Republic is law enforcement. Law enforcement. You know, what we grew up thinking was exclusively the cops’ job, and no business of ours.

Has everyone noticed that all over our country, the law is in tatters? The cops continue arriving at murders and robberies minutes or hours after they are over, and pulling us over for burned-out taillights. Our courts and our Congress seem to have forgotten that law exists at all! The courts are running from it, and Congress is making it up as they go along, with unbelievable arrogance and poker-faces, when they are not spraying spittle and palpable lies in pretend outrage, or crying crocodile tears.

I suppose everyone has also noticed another slightly terrifying development. We used to console ourselves after an election that went “the wrong way” by thinking, “Well, people will see how bad this is, and we can vote them out in two or four years”. Can anyone seriously believe now, that the criminal globalists will let themselves be voted out in 2022 or 2024, after what they have just gotten away with?

We are in the midst of an historic catastrophe, as grave as Lincoln’s War, if not worse.

Are we awake now?

Our Republic has suffered a coup d’etat, but not one where an armed group imprisons or kills the rightful officers and takes their seats, while loyalists try to hold the line. In that sort of coup, you grab or kill the bad guys, and the rightful government closes in behind, and heals. Alas today, nobody has the guts or the honesty to make the arrest. There may be little or no legitimate government left to heal.

But as parents, patriots, and God’s children, despair must not be part of our vocabulary.

There are mountains of evidence of plain election fraud, in multiple States. If this is allowed to stand, the democratic process in our Republic is over, and its power will permanently be in the hands of people who utterly deny its legitimate purposes, and think of us as cattle at best, inconveniences to be erased at worst.. But it need not and it must not stand. If we do.

Here is a brief questionnaire to find the people we need, to start the process of turning this catastrophe into an opportunity, to begin turning the tide.

1 Do you live in any of the States where massive, provable election fraud took place last November (2020)?

2 Do you live in a County or a Township with a conservative or Constitution-supporting local government?

3 Do you have or can you build a large group of America-loving Constitutionalist friends in your County (nucleus for a Tactical Civics Chapter or similar club)?

4 Do you have a local Militia, or community-watch, or Second-Amendment or preparedness group in your County, a good one, an open, upright, public-spirited one?….Or are you or a friend of yours willing to start one?

IF you answered YES to all four questions, you can make history this year.

SecureTheseRights will work with you step by step to get our program running.

We may need to polish the face and perfect the structure of that Militia group. Need to make sure it has the confidence and good-will of the community, and ideally of local paid law enforcement as well..

We need to build your Constitutionalist group’s numbers. It must hold meetings and lectures about how American government is SUPPOSED to work, and about how it has been twisted, and recently, stolen. Teach about the true powers and importance of the Grand Jury. You must build a group capable of turning out …let us just say, as big a crowd as has ever crammed itself into a meeting of your local government.

Hit up a member, or, one at a time, members, of your local government. Are they deeply sad and frightened at what was done to our election? What do they say if you tell them, “It never has to happen again; in fact, the people who did it can be in jail before the next election rolls around?” If they ask, “How?”, tell them about TC’s plan for Constitutional Law Enforcement, and show them the Ordinances that make it possible, if they will pass them. If they are statist crooks, time for some old-fashioned politicking to get them replaced with public servants who will honor their oaths.

If you have gotten this far, you are already most of the way through the process we describe in the TC County Handout (now in Rev 12) or “Rollout Critical Path” (Find it at

Some say this is too simple, the corruption is too deep. So let’s go a bit farther, and war-game the battles that the Ordinances merely position us to fight.

We have been teaching that, once you have Constitutional Militia, recognized by Ordinance, and you know or suspect criminal activity, you first petition (demand) (most States have a procedure) that a Judge seat a Grand Jury. Our Grand Jury Ordinance guarantees it.
You send it the evidence you know of (a presentment), it investigates further. If the paid guys won’t, your Militia does the physical work of evidence collection, serving and seizing papers etc. by warrant. Eventually an indictment is handed down, and if the accused is powerful, maybe Militia has to make the arrest because it is too “hot” for the paid guys. Book him, jail him, try him, send him up the river. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

But maybe it is not so smooth! Criminals in suits, with offices under granite domes, will pull a lot of strings to keep their juicy rackets going!

What if the judge refuses to seat a Grand Jury? What if you go to the Sheriff, and he refuses, too?

Lots of things, brothers and sisters!

First, repeat the petitions. Get your old and new presentments (evidence of crime)(including new ones against the recalcitrant judge, for obstruction) to the news media….if the out-of-state-owned papers will not run the story, put it on the local radio, print up handbills and post them, get it out on blogs, set up a booth in front of your Courthouse and hand out copies of your evidence that so-and-so the Big Shot is a criminal.

All these are protected exercises of Free Speech and Petition, so if you think anyone will try to shut them down, remember you have Constitutional Militia, recognized by the Constitution (and your local government) as having authority enforce the Law. That Law includes the First Amendment! Your Militia is also charged with suppressing insurrection, which means organized action against the legitimate government. Since the legitimacy of government rests on its service to the rights of We the People, any effort to suppress your political speech constitutes an insurrection, which your Militia has inherent and lawfully-recognized authority, and is duty-bound, to suppress.

Meanwhile, most states have legal processes for removing and replacing a judge who misbehaves. Get them going, too!

Well, Hmmmm, we wonder, why does that judge not want a Grand Jury to look into what you suspect….Could it be he is involved, or hoping to shield the criminal? Sounds like another presentment, this time to look hard at that judge not only for obstruction, but conspiracy, etc. Follow the same process to demand another GJ, publicize, etc.

Does the state supreme court (if that is how the process works in your state) refuse to remove the judge so you can have a GJ? Well, well, co-conspirators everywhere! Your network should extend to your State capital. You know the process!

You see the outline, yes? Your TC Chapters (or equivalent) and recognized Constitutional Militia groups, with deep public support, raise an escalating, let us say, manure-storm, around the “system’s” refusal to do the simple right thing and seat a Grand Jury.

You have yet more in your tool-box. Cartoons and ridicule were used to great effect in our American Revolution and many times after. Surely you have an artist and a jokesmith in your network. Sic them on the obstructors! REMEMBER, NO lawless physical threats!! Ridicule, contempt, and plain clear truthful and detailed description of how they are flouting the law and the will of the people.

Remember your Militia is formally recognized in your County as responsible to execute the law, as set forth in the Constitution. Does that judge exceed the speed limit by one MPH on his way to “work” ? Does he put out more trash than the municipality allows? Does he fail to sort his recyclables? Does he own rental property that he fails to properly maintain? Does he seem to spend more money than his salary would support? Every judge has left a trail of aggrieved people behind him. Some are in the wrong, but some are in the right, and maybe it is now time to deeply investigate every case.

And ALL the officials up the line who participate in the obstruction get the same treatment, through cooperation with Militias and TC Chapters in the places where they live.

Do you remember Teddy Roosevelt’s “Walk softly and carry a big stick? And our buddy, or at least Biden’s buddy, Chairman Mao, who said that power comes from the barrel of a gun?

All the while that you are putting overwhelming lawful, peaceful pressure on anyone who obstructs your process of housecleaning, your militia is conspicuously training with live ammo, according to its lawfully established and approved training schedule…..maybe in the field next to the judge’s favorite golf-course. Is that a hint? Naaaah!

There is no true trust or loyalty among criminals. Whoever is trying to block you WILL break. After all, you are merely demandins that he follow the Law and sign a piece of paper!

You move on to the next step! If the jailer will not take in the man you arrest, same treatment. If the prosecutor will not bring the case the GJ hands down, same treatment. If the judge tries to dismiss, same treatment.

All the while, you are teaching and recruiting for TC Chapters and Militias in more neighboring Counties, with more fresh stories of official lawlessness to add urgency to your message.

We the people need not and must not give up….we potentially outnumber any force that can be sent against us…and the Law is not merely on our side, it is OURS!

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